In the heart of Romagna

The seaside, the hills, the cities full of art … in Romagna, beauty has many forms. There are many beautiful places in this welcoming region, where the desire to have fun and to share good things never fails.

The Locanda della Fortuna is in an ideal position to reach the main tourist destinations of the area. It is perfect for many types of holidays.

For those who want to enjoy peace and quiet, the hills surrounding the farmhouse are a great place to find a bit of tranquility and enjoy picturesque views, like the landscape around Brisighella, a beautiful small medieval village.

For lovers of good food and good wine, there are many wonderful places to discover the delicious traditional cuisine and wines of Romagna.

For those who want to have fun at the beach, the beaches of the Romagna Riviera are less than 50 kilometers away.

For art lovers, Faenza the city of ceramics, is reachable in a few minutes, or Ravenna, with its extraordinary heritage of Byzantine mosaics, unique throughout the world is less than 40 kilometres away. Bologna is also about RENTAL 30 kilometers away.



Discovering Romagna!


Oriolo dei Fichi is a village in the foothills of Romagna’s Apennines, located about ten kilometers from Faenza. The tiny village and its ancient tower, which is the beating heart and symbol of the area, are surrounded by stunning rolling hills, dotted with farmhouses, vineyards and olive groves. The wines produced from native varietals, such as Centesimino, and the Extra-virgin olive oil (from Brisighella DOP) are examples of the area’s excellent products. They are a perfect expression of the extraordinary heritage this territory, with its strong agricultural vocation, has to offer.

Local producers have a wide variety of things available, with many typical products to be discovered.

With this in mind, the Oriolo Tower Association was created. It brings together agricultural producers, restaurateurs, artisans, and traders of the district and works to enhance the historical, naturalistic and cultural heritage of the area. Many events and initiatives take place in and around the Tower and in the park below, such as historical re-enactments, rural festivals, and country festivals. There is always local wine, traditional dishes and typical products.

For more information: Associazione Torre di Oriolo


Located on the Via Emilia, between Ravenna and Florence, at the foot of Romagna’s Apennines, Faenza is famous all over the world for the production of ceramics. The MIC – International Museum of Ceramics is a symbol of the city, whose historical center preserves traces of the splendours of the past, in particular of the Renaissance period during the Manfredi lordship. A past that lives again each year in June, during the Palio del Niballo. For the entire month, Faenza comes alive with competitions between flag-wavers, food festivals, shows, and Renaissance costume parades. It all culminates in the Palio race, where the knights from the 5 districts of the city compete to win the medieval Niballo games.

For more information: Pro Loco Faenza


Ravenna is the main city of Romagna, a destination for tourists from all over the world because of its extraordinary artistic and cultural richness, a legacy of a glorious past that has seen it as the capital of three different empires (the Western Roman Empire, the Ostrogothic and the Byzantine Empires). Ravenna has 8 sites included in the UNESCO world heritage list, including early Christian and Byzantine buildings in which it is possible to admire mosaics dating back to the fifth and sixth centuries: among the most famous are San Vitale and the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare. Ravenna also houses the tomb of Dante Alighieri, who found refuge in the city during his exile and died there.

The natural beauty of Ravenna is just as impressive as its art. The reserve of the Regional Park of the Po Delta, and the ancient marshes which are still home to many varieties of flora and fauna. San Vitale and Classe’s pine forests, have been a source of inspiration for many poets, including Dante. 

Ravenna is also a seaside town. It has over 30 km of coastline divided into 9 beaches with all the amenities. It is ideal for summer holidays for the whole family with many attractions for the whole family.

For more information: Tourist Office of the Municipality of Ravenna


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